You've Got Options With FTS Delivery

Did you know that FTS Delivery has the most diverse fleet in the St. Louis area? By providing the most vehicle options for delivery to our customers, we help you save on your bottom line. For example, this pick up truck with a pipe rack can take material up to 24ft long that is 1,000 lbs or less. Instead of paying for a 24ft hot shot flatbed for a smaller load of long lightweight material, FTS has the ability to offer you multiple options to get your material delivered as quickly and economically efficient as possible. Discover everything we have to offer, Like and Follow us on our socials to see our trucks in action.

Freight Friday

Here's Jess hauling orange spools on one of our 53' flatbeds that really gives the Peterbilt some Halloween spirit.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Did you know breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in women? Today we pledge to help increase attention and support for awareness!

We Move Small Freight Too

Looking for a more economical option? Our open pick up trucks, pick up trucks with racks, cargo vans, & sprinters can run your smaller freight up to 2 skids with a max weight of 2,000lbs. The pick up trucks with racks can also take lightweight material 12-24ft long up to 1,000lbs. Our smaller vehicle fleet is available to do all of your local, regional and hot shot deliveries. Give us a call today 314-721-3399

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