Hang In There

Call FTS to get all your deliveries completed for the week. If you've got work over the weekend we'll take care of that too, we never close. From a few boxes, to hazmat, to a full tractor flatbed load we've got you covered.

Summer Is Officially Here

Today is the 2018 summer solstice, officially marking the first day of summer. No matter how hot it gets this season, you'll never have to sweat about your loads with FTS. 314-721-3399

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

At Fts we work as a team to make sure your deliveries are made to your specifications. From your Flatbed and Hazmat moves, to just a few boxes, we've been getting the job done right since 1991! Give us a call today to see our team in action.

I Smell The Weekend

Won't be long to the end of the week...be sure to call us for all your delivery needs until then at 314-721-3399 !

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