Go Cards!

Finally, opening day is Sunday...Go Redbirds!

Happy Wednesday!

Hang in there! FTS will help get you through the rest of the week. Call us for all your transportation needs, from Haz-Mat, to Flatbeds...we'll get it done.

Hazardous Materials

Top 5 HazMat violations per FMCSA 1. Package/container not secured properly on vehicle. 2. No copy of US DOT HazMat regulations number. 3. Vehicle not placarded as required. 4. Placard damaged, deteriorated, or obscured. 5. Shipping paper accessibility. FTS strives to be the best when handling and transporting your HazMat deliveries. Our drivers are thoroughly trained, and follow all DOT procedures to avoid any of the above issues. Call us today!

National Agriculture Day

FTS recognizes and supports all those involved in agriculture. Each American Farmer now feeds more than 144 people, and agricultural products provide nearly everything we eat, use, or wear on a daily basis.

Spring is here!

Today marks the Spring Equinox, when the length of day and night are nearly equal. Nothing equals the delivery service of FTS though, as we perform expedited service both night and day for our customers.

Ides of March

As they say, "Beware the Ides of March". No worries about backstabbing here at FTS however. Our team works together to get you the best service every day, be it Haz-Mat, or flatbed deliveries, we'll get it done quickly, and efficiently.

Let's Go Blues!

FTS supports the Blues on their run for the playoffs and beyond. Great win last night...fifth in a row, putting them five points up on the LA Kings for the all important playoff spot. Go Blues!

March Madness !

Get your pencils sharpened, as the NCAA brackets come out Sunday. Also Sunday, don't forget to wind your clocks forward, as we switch to Daylight Savings Time. Good luck to all on your brackets!


Hang in there...we're almost to the weekend. Call FTS to get all your deliveries completed and wrapped up for the week! From small cartons, to Haz-Mat or Flatbed, we'll handle it. And even if you don't get all your projects completed by Friday and need weekend help, we'll get that for you also. Contact us at 314-721-3399, or email at ftsdelivery.com. .

National Pancake Day

Stop by IHOP this morning for your free pancakes, but don't forget to leave a donation, as money is being raised for charity. So, off to IHOP for your flapjacks, and then when you get to work, call us for all your Flatbed deliveries!

National Oreo Cookie Day

Go grab that glass of milk to observe National Oreo Cookie Day. First founded in 1912, the sandwich treat has become the best selling cookie in America. The ever present cookie with black wafers and white filling, is as distinctive as our FTS logo. Be sure to give us a call today while dunkin' those Oreo's!

Hazardous Materials

FTS is ready to handle all your HazMat deliveries. Call us for all your important needs and projects today at 314-721-3399!

In Like a Lion

March roared in like a lion the past few days as storms wreaked havoc throughout the Midwest. Our thoughts here in Missouri, are with the residents down in Perry County, as they continue the long process of cleaning up, salvage, and eventual rebuilding.

No worries

Let FTS take your worries away. Call us for all your local and regional Hot Shot deliveries. All our drivers are HazMat certified, uniformed, and courteous. Our phones are answered live, and we never close. Depend on FTS to take care of you!

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