Throw back Thursday!

Sometimes its nice to look back at the trucks of yesterday! FTS Delivery has been around since 1991 building a rich history of excellence. We have a complete fleet from pick up to Semi trucks. If you need an envelope or 48,000 lbs pounds of steel delivered, we have you covered. We specialize in expedited delivery in and around the St. Louis area but will go coast to coast if you need us. Call us anytime and you will speak directly with a friendly and professional dispatcher. The people of FTS Delivery make the difference!

Let's Go Blues!

It's going to be a Hazardous environment for the Blackhawks tonight! The hits will be Trucks and the goals will be Hot Shots for the home team! Time to Deliver us the win St. Louis Blues! Expedite your way to the Cup!

Let's Go Blues!

FTS is expecting some Hot Shots tonight from the Blues! Looking for the notes to deliver us the win! Let's Go Blues!

Today is National Read a Road Map Day!

When is the last time you read a map? It's becoming a lost art in today's age of technology. Ask any driver and they will tell you that it is a skill you need to have. FTS Delivery has been getting the job done since 1991, long before GPS.

Friday Fails!

These guys definitely don't work for FTS Delivery! It shows how important it is to have someone who gets the job done right. FTS has been doing that since 1991!

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